The story of lavender being part of Soul Food Farm started way back when we bought the property.  Fields of lavender and olive trees inspired our first dreams of farming. As with most stories, this one had its twists and turns, but here we are 15 years later involved with planting lavender fields and herbs and making essential oil, culinary herb salts and bath products. Soul Food Farm and Morningsun Herb Farm have joinedresources and talents to make this project a success. Rose, starts the plants at Morningsun Herb Farm nursery and when they are ready to plant are brought over to Soul Food Farm to set in the ground. Next year when the lavender and herb fields have matured and filled out, Rose will be conducting workshops. Sitting out in the fields with Rose, you will learn about the benefits of lavender and herbs, take wreath making classes and learn how to design your own herb garden at home. Two women, two farms, handcrafting products one jar at a time. Our dream of farming and working together comes alive with this project. We both have an intense desire to work the land and diversify both farms and nothing felt more right then planting flowers and herbs and sharing the sweet bounty of the earth.

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