lavender in a field

For the last 20 years, Rose Lovell-Sale and Alexis Koefoed have been farming in a small valley nestled in the hills of Northern California. Both women maintain beautiful neighboring farms filled with fields of herbs, perennials and flowers. Their dream to farm together comes alive with Hierbas y Flores. This small company has a passion for producing pure essential oil that captures all the beauty of sun, soil and nature.

Hierbas y Flores derives their Pure Lavender Essential Oil from the Lavandula Angustifolia also know as “Mailette”. This fragrant English Lavender is known to produce the highest quality oil.

In addition to pure essential oil Hierbas y Flores also produces lavender flower water.  Lavender flower water is perfect as a skin toner or to add a floral scent to your clothes or bedding. To purchase any of our Hierbas y Flores products email or go to website.

essential oil bottle

lavender flower water and essential oil

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