The Beauty of Resilience

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Summer time at the farm is quietly ending. Leaves cover the gardens and pathways and I’m rushing to finish up the last small projects that linger. These last few years we have been growing flowers at the farm and studying all the intricacies that go along with that. A lot goes in to getting to know what types of flora enjoy our hot climate and the unique needs of each.  Learning when to cut the blooms as the field is bursting with variety and color has been an enjoyable process. Harvesting and drying the bounty for fall conjures gratitude and joy for all that grows here- tangible and not.

There are still zinnias blooming in the field which is probably why they’re my favorite. They bring beauty and sassiness to resiliency that always make me smile. The roses are fading but are perfect to cut and dry for flower wreaths which has become a favorite past-time as of late. The perennial borders are all but faded but beautiful nonetheless even with all the brown tones. Yesterday I stumbled upon Queen Anne’s Lace in the border garden. It was quietly hiding behind some other plants in the garden so it was a sweet surprise to have found them.


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While the annual flower beds are slowly ending their season the farm is beginning to offer up its fall treasures; olive trees heavy with fruit, lemons greening up on the small trees and moss beginning to cover the oak branches in readiness for cooler weather.

Mother Nature always provides the most beautiful reminders for us to look ahead here on on the farm.

Some of the Zinnias we grow here on the farm: (Zinnia seeds are sourced from Johnny’s Seeds  at

Benary’s Giant Bright Pink and Giant Salmon Rose, Deep Rose Giant Dahlia, Orange Giant Dhalia, White Giant Dahlia, and Creamy Yellow Dahlia

Our Lemon Trees came from Morning Sun Herb Farm right here in the Valley.

stacey thomas