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Photo by Heather Carollo

Photo by Heather Carollo


Soul Food Farm Fresh Flowers

Growing flowers at the farm is one of our favorite enterprises these days. It’s completely fascinating that from a small seed so much beauty and diversity can emerge. In 2016 we moved forward with plans to grow flowers and seeded hundreds of zinnias, planted over 30 types of roses, lavender and hundreds of perennials. Our first summer of growing, we created working relationships with local floral designers and built a flower stand which we filled each morning with small arrangements. Now in our third season of growing flowers on the farm, we've expanded our reach to floral designers in the Bay Area and we continue to offer our local community beautiful, fresh blooms right here at our farm stand. 

This season we have a long list of flowers we will be growing for customers and designers as well as incorporating a Upick garden for those who want to create their own bouquets.

Flowers at Soul Food Farm is still very new and we have so much to learn about planting, harvesting, transporting and marketing. But, we are inspired to try because it feels good to grow something that adds a little romance to life. Sometimes we forget how important the role beautiful things play in keeping us happy and inspired. Sharing flowers is the perfect way to express love, build friendships and make even the the most simple of spaces shine. I think this is what Flower Power really means.

Below, we've listed the flowers that will be available for harvest in May of 2018.  Additional heirloom flowers will be planted throughout the spring and summer. A flower CSA will also be available this season so stay tuned for details!

Customers are encouraged to come visit our gardens. Designers, please contact us for wholesale prices and availability. 

Please call or email us for appointments 707-365-1798.

Ready for Harvest May 2018 

  • Zinnia

  • Scabiosa

  • Cosmos

  • Stock

  • Bupleurum

  • Strawflowers

  • Dara Ammi (False Queen Anne's Lace)

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